Bringing Value to your Life


The Family Alliance produces documentaries on content supporting the family philosophy. We work in cooperation with other organizations to tell the stories which provide values to families and individuals. 

David Vandiver

Super Hero Seminars

Since 2010, The Family Alliance has sponsored the Super Hero Seminars to teens and pre-teens in Tennessee and Kentucky.  Seminars are provided by grants from area companies.  Author and former wrestler, David Vandiver, conducts the seminars where he describes the 12 key character traits of Super Heroes and explains how everyone can become a hero in their own lives.



The Family Alliance supports media projects which encourage good values and provide entertainment to families.  Additional projects will be posted here when they are available for support and for requesting.


The Family Alliance seeks and receives grants to provide seminars which increase awareness of positive values.  While working to increase positive character traits in kids, teens, and young adults, the Alliance provides content to audiences within each of these age groups.  Seminars are fun, informative, and entertaining.  Many of our seminars also have themes.